Thursday, December 31, 2015

Olympic View Townhomes - Courtyard Meets Panorama

Marion Green, our previous courtyard townhouse project with Paar Development, won a PSRC Vision 2040 award and was featured in the 2015 Green Building Slam. Our next project, Olympic View Townhouses, takes one more step forward, refining the courtyard townhouse concept and adapting the idea to a stunning hillside view lot on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill.

Olympic View features twelve (12) new townhouses, ranging in size from 800 sf one bedroom units to 2100 sf three bedroom units.  The shared central courtyard is the most spacious that we have ever designed and covers a parking level that accommodates 14 cars.  What makes Olympic View unique among our projects is the way we have adapted the courtyard townhouse concept to a sloping site, stepping the project down the hillside.  The terraced cross section allows each unit to see over the top of unit below, providing panoramic views of the Space Needle, downtown, and Puget Sound from the upper living levels and the rooftop decks

Like its predecessors at Marion Green and Beacon Green, the common courtyard creates an elegant way in and out of the homes, hides the parking area, provides generous open spaces and establishes a setting where neighbors have the regular contact with one another that helps to build familiarity and community.

The project will be built in two sections of six units each, with a common pedestrian entry walkway connecting the two halves.  The project will be certified 4 star built-green construction, which requires improved energy efficiency, low voc interior finish materials, green stormwater management, low water use, and a host of other sustainable features.

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