Saturday, August 2, 2014

Olympic View Courtyard Townhomes

Our latest courtyard townhouse project is getting ready to submit for permit review.  Olympic View sits on lower Queen Anne on a sloping site that looks over the Uptown neighborhood with views out to Downtown, Mt Rainier, and Elliot Bay.

While Olympic View shares many attributes with its predecessors Beacon Green and Marion Green, it is the first time we have applied the idea to a sloping site, so the project terraces down the hill to provide units with an unobstructed view from each roof terrace.

The parking level is a little different than anything we've done before, featuring a mixture of garage and open parking that allows us to get a larger parking area.  This translates above into a larger courtyard space than on any of our previous projects.

We've been experimenting with using Google Earth to help study the views from the project.  To help verify the Google Earth info, we modeled distant bits of the topography, shoreline, and downtown buildings.  An example of the framework we use for this is shown below

Olympic View is scheduled to construction in April 2014 with units coming to market by the end of the year.

Olympic View Townhomes - Overview
View from Roof Deck
Section View Through Courtyard
Model framework of Downtown and Elliot Bay used to test views and window placements.