Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roxette Apartments

Seattle is currently going through a multi-family housing boom, and we are booming right along with it. Looking around the office, almost everyone has a an apartment project or two on their desk.  The first one out of the gate this year is the Roxette, a 20 unit addition to the Roxborough Apartments at 18th & Denny on Capitol Hill.  While we are waiting for our first official design review meeting, we have set up an informal public meeting to show the project to the neighbors and take some early feedback.

Apartment development in lowrise zones is a hot topic in Seattle these days.  LR3 zones were given a height increase up to 40' in the 2011 code revision, and the most recent crop of projects have produced a lot of projects that are out of scale with their neighbors.  The Roxette project is focused on creating a building massing that respects the scale of the adjacent 3 story apartment along the front facade, stepping up to a four story height farther away from the street.  

PUBLIC PRESENTATION:  5:50PM, January 28 ; Polish Home Association - 1714 18th Ave E.