Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wellington Alley Apartments

When the new multi-family code went into effect two years ago, it removed a requirement that developers provide one parking stall for every unit of housing. Since that time, we've been up to our elbows in a variety of new project types that have been enabled as a result.

Many of our apartment clients are taking older properties that had been previously frozen in amber, and converting obsolete spaces (storage lockers, boiler rooms, maintenance shops) into new apartments.

At Wellington Apartments we are replacing a dilapidated garage structure along the alley & adding three small apartments on top.  At 300 square feet, the apartments are very compact and affordable.  A sleeping loft will help them live a little bigger, and provide a little more privacy for the bedroom area.

The design features a cement panel siding that appropriates the variegated color palate of original brick building but uses it at a different scale in a wholly contemporary fashion. The color and material palette selection creates a contextual relationship between the original building and its new annex, while maintaining a clear distinction between old and new.

View from Mercer St

Site Plan

Cross Section
Floor Plan

View from the alley

Client:  Hamilton Urban Partners
Project Team:  David Neiman, Liz Pisciotta, Mike Lafon
Structural Engineer:  Harriott Valentine