Monday, March 17, 2014

HUP Wellington Lofts

Wellington Apartments is an existing 22 unit apartment building on the corner of 16th Ave East and East Mercer St in Seattle. It currently has an existing accessory parking structure to the west of the property.  The proposed project will demolish the parking structure and replace it with three new loft units above a new parking garage. Each unit has a large sleeping loft above the kitchen, bathroom and laundry at the apartment level. The living area takes advantage of the double height space. The thin floor plate and simple shed form provide each unit with access to good natural light. High windows provide individuals within the units views to the sky and maintain privacy from neighboring buildings. The fa├žade expression features a  color range of painted cement panels that match the existing brick so the new building will fit within the character of its immediate context. The project is set to begin construction soon.  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Neiman Taber Architects - Its Official

It's official.  David Neiman Architects has become Neiman Taber Architects.  We're putting the finishing touches on our new logo & graphics, changing over our website domain, printing new cards, and working through the rest of the loose ends.  Look for a launch party in April or May.